Chestnut Mushrooms, per kg

Chestnut Mushrooms, per kg


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Edible mushrooms are a healthy addition to any meal. They contain very little fat, have high amounts of protein, and can be very tasty. They come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes and can be easily grown or cultivated.

Another great thing about mushrooms is that they also have medicinal properties that have been used even as far back as the ancient Chinese period. One mushroom in particular, the chestnut mushroom, has considerable amounts of health and medicinal benefits.

The chestnut mushroom (Agrocybe Aegerita, agrocybe cylindracea or Cyclocybe aegerita) is a type of mushroom that belongs to the white rot fungi. You might also hear them called Black Poplar or Swordbelt Mushroom.

They are characterized by their almost flat cap and their gills have colors that range from light to dark browns. In some cases, their gills can be whitish or pinkish in color. A chestnut mushroom’s cap can grow as wide as 4 inches.

Chestnut mushrooms are commonly cultivated and sold in countries like the US, Japan, China, Korea, Australia, and Chile. In China, the chestnut mushroom is sometimes called the “magic mushroom of China.”

The Chinese use this type of mushroom to cure different types of ailments including headaches and fever. Chestnut mushrooms can be found growing on poplar, Oak, Cottonwood, Maple, Willow, Box Elder, Tea-Oil trees


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