Fresh Bread Yeast, 500g

Fresh Bread Yeast, 500g


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Fresh Yeast, used for yeast leavened baked goods such as bread, doughnuts and pancakes.

This week we have Fresh Yeast in the deli, frozen into 500g blocks to keep it at it’s peak of productivity. Each block should do 50 loaves, although if you bake in smaller quantities than this you should probably thaw it out and re-portion it into smaller, say, 20g blocks. These fit nicely in an ice cup tray with some clingfilm over it which you can freeze again, just popping them out one at a time and crumbling them straight into your dough mix.

We recommend you use 20g per kilo of flour. To learn more about baking check our bread page, there’s a wealth of information on there for you! If you’re interested in baking and self-sufficiency then take a look at our courses in Somerset too.


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