Cornish Kern

Cornish Kern


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Cornish Kern is made in the same open vats as Yarg and, like Yarg, is pressed and brined. And there the similarity ends. Kern is coated in a protective black wax like rind and is matured for between 14 and 18 months. The resulting cheese is quite flaky and almost dry with a profound and nutty flavour. Deliberately quite different to the younger, curdier Yarg, Kern is more intense and what cheese judges would describe as ‘longer in the mouth’.

To get early feedback, the first examples of Kern were entered into national cheese awards and the accolades that came back were a huge vote of confidence for its future. With only limited quantities of ‘ready to eat now’ Kern available at first, it has been all hands on deck at Lynher to produce more in readiness for its launch early in 2017.

We can’t wait for you all to try it!


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