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Baking bread is hard right? It can be frustrating, inconsistent and confusing. You’ve tried it before and it just hasn’t turned out the way you thought it would. Maybe you’ve bought some books or turned to the web and seen a lot of gumph like percentagesflour-types and voodoo methods. You’ve heard it could be down to the weather, or maybe it’s the equipment you’re using, or maybe you were just meant to sit at a desk pounding on a keyboard instead of swanning through the kitchen with crusty warm bread in your hands and growling at anyone who tries to take it from you (oops, I mean) sharing it with your friends and loved ones.

Well when my first son was born I decided there was no way he was going to eat anything prepared in a factory, I would never say ‘no’ to him and he’d only have the best quality wooden toys to play with. Yeah, right, that lasted long! But one thing I did stick with was baking bread. At first they were like hockey pucks and you needed an angle grinder to get through them. People would smile at me when I gave them to them but I’d later find the half gnawed lumps tucked behind the sofa cushion or hidden in the potted plant. I persisted though and got better, so good that I had my own award-winning bakery in Canada. I learnt a lot of tips and a lot of tricks and I want to share them with you on this breadmaking course. And although some of you might just be starting this crazy baking adventure this course is not just for beginners – I’m confident that I can help anyone raise their baking game and bake better bread.

Take a look at the Courses section of the website to see which course & dates you feel best suit you. We’ll also be adding a special Kids Can Bake course during the winter half term so please do keep an eye out for this. In fact if you sign up to our newsletter you shouldn’t miss any of our courses, events or discounts – make sure you do so today!


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