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Cheese Club at Withies Delicatessen

Jamie @ Withies Deli

Jamie @ Withies Deli

Withies Delicatessen Monthly Cheese Club

Bath Blue cheese from Withies Delicatessen as part of the monthly cheese subscription

I know, cheese is difficult. You come into the deli and you think you know what you want. Maybe it’s your regular or one that you had a taste of last time and have resolved to get this time. You select some beers, definitely some crackers and maybe some of that Wild Boar Salami or a pot of olives. Then you get to the cheese section. There’s so many of them, some familiar, some new. You’re given tastes and now you’re not sure…

Well don’t worry, we have the solution. Introducing our new Monthly Cheese Club where for a simple monthly fee we’ll treat you to a special selection of four different cheeses each month. Maybe you’ll get one of your favourites from just up the road or maybe you’ll get something from the other side of the world but rest assured you’ll be getting the best we can offer along with tasting notes, pairing suggestions and a little write up about the farmers or producers that made the cheese.

Let us take the hassle out of buying cheese and introduce you and those around you to a whole new world of delicacies from the deli. There are limited numbers available so sign up for yours today, make a truly memorable gift or become a legend in the workplace by buying one for the team.


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