Valentines & Pancakes – February 10th

A word of warning for anyone that was planning on giving their loved ones leavened goods for Valentines Day: Shrove Tuesday is the 13th of February this year! I know, it’s completely messed up my yeasty surprises but have no fear – Withies Deli has you covered with the traditional trio of flowers, fizz and chocolates. There will be something rather cheesey too with hearts, chutney and crackers on a presentation slate for you to collect between Saturday 10th February and Wednesday 14th.

As another gift suggestion we have his n hers flavoured popcorn – salted caramel and gin n tonic but whichever you buy for whomever they’ll end up eating half of yours.. my advice get 2 of each!

Bubbly-wise for Valentines Day you have a choice of Wayfords Pinot-Noir or Smith & Evans Pinot-Chardonnay. They’re both excellent choices but we do have one presentation box for the Wayford if you want to be all flash about it.

Chocolates we’ll be doing some funky Pop Art prints as well as some traditional Victorian artwork ones and you can expect salted caramel, olive praline and maybe even a raspberry fizz filling too. This is a new venture for us and we hope it’s visually exciting as well as delicious in the tongue.

You could buy each of these individually but we’ll also be putting them in gift boxes to really take the effort out of it for you

As it’s pancake day too we’ll be doing a sourdough pancake batter that you simply take home and pour into a hot pan – voila, perfect pancakes. To go with it we’ll whip up some Salted Caramel butter and a Blueberry Compote and of course you really really have to try Liberty Fields incredible Apple Syrup; it’s Dorsets answer to Maple Syrup and they might take my canadian passport away for saying so but it’s a pretty damn good replacement too.

Valentines Treat - Godminster Heart Shaped Cheddar and Brie

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