Muddy Stilettos

​It’s hard, not to fail, but there is always a chance of success. Of course, there is no chance of success, if you didn’t try.

Vineet Raj Kipoor
Independent Retailer of the Year won by Laura and Jamie Jensen of Withies Delicatessen in Stoke St Gregory, sponsored by Thousand Word Media.

Oh wow, I had this on my to do list but you guys beat me to it! Please do carry on nominating us for Best Deli on the Muddy Stilletos website. It is literally a popularity contest so please do spam them, with organic, locally sourced spam from us of course!

Also please do share this on your InstaFaceTwit social media thing as the more you Share the more your friends will see and do it too so please share this post as the more exposure we get, the more customers we get and the more stock we can buy so it’s definitely win-win, and with a bit of luck, win!

I get a warm, fuzzy feeling when I see the pedigree of the people listed on the Muddy Stilettos website, as the funny thing is we have links to so many of them! Newton Farm Foods near Bath is a fantastic place, and just so happens to be where my pizza oven retired to. A great family doing great things. The Trading Post was a favourite haunt when we had time and Kimber Farm Shop near Frome was actually the first people we spoke to when we landed here from Canada–they were just starting out with the shop on their parents farm and we had no idea what we were going to do. Of course there’s West Country Water Buffalo too, whose amazing burgers and ice cream we stocked last summer.

Whether they’ve inspired us or helped us or just provided an oasis of calm it’s these connections that really drive the industry forward and make Somerset special.

They would all get our votes, they’ve all helped us along our way so it does feel a little cheeky to say ‘Vote for Us’ but, well, do it anyway, now if it’s not too much to ask as the deadline is next week!

Once again Thank You everybody.

Laura & Jamie

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