The power of trees

Trees are the best energy collectors in the world, with each leaf generating about half a watt of electricity which it photosynthesises into food. There are thousands of leaves on a tree, feeding the tree, breathing by converting CO2 into oxygen, cooling it and evaporating water, in effect supporting the tree and enabling it to live. That tree supports a whole ecosystem from the mycorrhizae in the soil around its roots to the mammals and birds in its boughs. Thousands of trees make a forest, thousands of which support the planet we live on.

Many of you will know that we are a new business. We have been trading for less than two years. We work hard, we do the best we can and we are rewarded by your repeat custom, your smiles and your kind words. You may also be aware that we are Finalists in the prestigious Muddy Stilettos Awards, a fantastic online organisation dedicated to uncovering the gems hidden in our countryside. Their strapline ‘In Love with Local’ could not resonate more with us.

The problem is that we’re little, and by going up against the big, established boys like Rumwells and White Row we’re punching way above our weight. These guys have been doing it for decades and have thousands of followers, we couldn’t possibly beat them on our own, which is where you come in.

Your vote is like a leaf on a tree, giving us energy, helping us breathe. Our business is the tree, our suppliers and the businesses we use the ecosystem. By taking 30 seconds to click on this link and cast your vote you are helping to support the entire independent farm, food and retail industry.

Go on, be a hero you beautiful green leaf you, vote now as the polls close in less than a week.

And thank you.

x Laura & Jamie, Withies Delicatessen

A tree is known by its fruit; a man by his deeds. A good deed is never lost; he who sows courtesy reaps friendship, and he who plants kindness gathers love

St Basil of Ceasarea

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