Some days are like this

Markets are funny affairs. Sometimes the stallholders turn up en masse but the customers don’t. Others there’s a lot of customers but very few stalls. Some days there’s scarcely either.

I’ve been doing markets for 9 years now and reckon I’ve seen them all. As a baker, and a sourdough baker at that, I have to plan well ahead, not knowing what the day will bring. I remember one market in Canada where I baked throughout the night only for a blizzard to set in. It was an hour and 15 drive to the market, a little longer that day, and only a handful of stallholders turned up. Thing is the blizzard cleared and it was a lovely day, and about a hundred customers turned up in total. Meagre for this markets usual day but just about every one of them left with a loaf of my bread and we did alright out of it.

Some days it’s peeing it down and the stallholders support each other in their misery by buying off each other, even if we don’t really need another bar of soap or some more jam, we do need each other. Then we get days like today. Nice and sunny, rain not predicted for at least a week, a reasonably busy market the week before and for whatever reason seven sellers drop out overnight. The last seller turned up, saw it was only me and decided to go home. Yes, I’m on my own, but I’m selling to my regulars and I get to speak to each person that tries to skulk by without making eye contact.

It can be lonely being in business by yourself, but it can also be funny. I had Spotify’s ‘Loney and Sad’ playlist going on the phone, which made a few people giggle, until my wife opened up the Deli and nicked Spotify off me. Even the sad music abandoned me.

Still, it’s a sunny day and it could be worse–I could be stuck in an office wishing I was outside.

It’s better to be unhappy alone than unhappy with someone.

Marilyn Monroe

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