Cutting and scaling dough on a floury counter

About Us, About Food and About Happiness

I love to feed people.

That’s what it comes down to. I love food and flavours, I love learning a technique and putting it to work but most of all I love the way peoples eyes light up when they eat it or a smile springs to their face as they take it from the shelf.

Cutting and scaling dough on a floury counter

I could make people Happy with Food. This made me happy.

Jamie Jensen

I love talking about food. I love learning where it came from, how it was made, why it was made that way in the first place and who’s making it now. Connecting the story to the history and the location enhances our enjoyment of food- it means we can connect with what’s on our plate and turn what our co-habitants on this planet see as a grueling daily task into an experience to be savoured and to be shared.

It hasn’t always been this way. I spent 14 years working in IT. Then I read a book by John Seymour which showed me how life could be different. I read another by Richard Bertinet which showed me how I could make it different and so I did. When I sold my first basket of bread at Whycocomagh Farmers market in Nova Scotia, Canada, something clicked. No, it didn’t just click – it whizzed! There was a flood of endorphin’s which said ‘this is good, do it more’. And when people came back next week to buy more a whole bucket of these brain-made narcotics flowed through my body. I could make people Happy with Food. This made me happy and I’ve been addicted ever since.

Girl petting a rarebreed pig

At the farmers markets I met other people who were growing food and making food and making themselves happy. This community of happy people made me happy – it made me like people, which is nothing that my career in IT could have prepared me for. On deliveries I got to go in kitchens – stainless steel temples with licking flames, chopping knives and more people that were happy to see me. Even better they were happy to stop and talk to me and show me what they were doing. Soon I had my own kitchen where I could make even more people happy every day. That was really quite stressful actually but I got to do some cool things like feed hundreds of people Mexican Chocolate Chili at the first ever Cape Breton Oktoberfest and our little cafe even won the Best New Business Award in 2014, which was nice.

A year later we moved back to the UK and chose Somerset as our home where we’re raising pigs and sheep and children and making more delicious treats to make people happy as well as selling other happy peoples goodies and produce.

2018 has been a fantastic year for us as we were Finalists in the Somerset Business Awards New Business category but managed to win the prestigious Somerset Life Food & Drink Award┬ámaking us the best Independent Retailer in Somerset in 2018, an award with such pedigree and stiff competition that we wouldn’t have dreamed of winning when we opened our doors in 2017. And that makes me very happy indeed.

Independent Retailer of the Year won by Laura and Jamie Jensen of Withies Delicatessen in Stoke St Gregory, sponsored by Thousand Word Media.