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We started out at the markets so we have first hand experience of most of our suppliers and their products.

Cheese & Dairy

White Lake Dairy, Pylle

White Lake’s home is set at Bagborough Farm – just off the Glastonbury festival site, in Pylle Somerset. Three times Supreme Champions at the British Cheese Awards 2017, 2018 & 2019 and Winners of ‘Best Goats Cheese’ at the World Cheese Awards 2017/18, they want to make sure that our cheesemaking is sustainable, both for themselves and for the environment.

Roger and the team take great care to ensure our four-legged suppliers are as happy as can be – they are fed a specially adapted diet ideal for cheesemaking. A local Guernsey herd provide our cows’ milk and our sheeps’ milk comes from a flock also located just down the road. The result is minimal food miles, support for our Somerset neighbours, and truly exceptional cheese!

Somerset Cheese Co, Ditcheat

The Somerset Cheese Company was founded by long-term friends Philip Rainbow, and Nicholas and Anita Robinson. Based in the beautiful county of Somerset, not far from the famous Bath and West Showground, the Somerset Cheese Company is ideally placed in the heart of farming land.

Using high quality milk that is sourced directly from the farm, and as local as possible, Somerset Cheese Company specialises in adapting traditional style recipes to produce characterful, naturally rinded cheeses from sheep, goat, buffalo and cows milk.

Westcombe Dairy, Evercreech

At Westcombe, cheesemaking is a continuous process – one that starts on the farm and ends on your plate. Every step is equally important to them, from the quality of the pasture and the wellbeing of their cows, to the practices used in the dairy and the climatic conditions in their ageing rooms.

Everything we do on the farm revolves around maximising the natural qualities of our fresh raw milk. By keeping our cows happy and our land healthy, they do their best to ensure the milk is full of vitality, richness and ‘friendly’ bacteria.

For us, the very best cheddars are created in harmony with the land and the special conditions here in Somerset. Their small team of cheesemakers use only traditional starter cultures and natural rennets to aid the milk’s transformation.

So whether it’s in the deep, nutty complexity of our Cheddar, the grassy, lactic tang of our Caerphilly, or the fresh, dairy richness of our Somerset Ricotta, their cheeses wouldn’t be what they are without the unique qualities of the natural Westcombe terroir.

Montgomery Cheese, North Cadbury

The Montgomery family have been farming the North & South Cadbury pastures for three generations, to make their delicious Montgomery Cheddar. Jamie Montgomery is committed to every small detail that goes into the  production of his family made cheese  – from the quality of the grass that his cows graze on, through to the taste and texture of the final product.  While many farmers are changing their methods of farming across the country, Jamie has stuck to his guns and still farms in the same traditional way as his family before him.

Most cheeses are then matured for 12 months wrapped in muslin cloth on wooden shelves.  Some are even matured for 18 months for that extra special Montgomery’s Cheddar, it is the epitome of traditional, handmade, unpasteurised Somerset cheddar.

Its deep, rich, nutty flavours have won worldwide acclaim and will continue to do so under the pride and attention of the Montgomery Family.

Felthams Farm, Templecombe

Renegade Monk is an award-winning, ale-washed artisan cheese made with a local organic cow’s milk. On their Somerset smallholding in the north of the beautiful Blackmore Vale, they raise pigs, sheep, chickens, quail – and three children – all on organic principles.

Using artisan techniques but made to a newly developed recipe, Renegade Monk is made from organic, pasteurised cows’ milk. The set curd is then hand-washed in ale every few days as the cheese matures. The resulting cheese combines the bite of Epoisses and Langres; the creaminess of Brie and Camembert; and the languid blue of Dolcelatte or a young Gorgonzola.

Alcohol and Beverages

Smith & Evans, Aller

Guy and Laura planted the vineyard on 300-year old terraces originally set up for a cider orchard. The free draining Calcerous Limestone soil is identical to some of the world’s greatest vineyard sites and the local climate is one of the best in the UK for growing grapes. Burgundian Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Meunier vines are planted on the south facing lower slopes.

They make both a still and a sparkling wine with a blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier Grapes.
They are determined to fully express the character of each season and so in some years the wine may be an iridescent bright white and in others it may have a delightful pink tinge depending on what the grapes decided to do that particular year.

Wayford Vineyard, Wayford

The exclusive Pinot Noir vines were planted on a tranquil hillside overlooking the beautiful Axe valley in 2007.

It is perfectly sited in four acres of south facing slopes, sheltered on all sides by the rolling hills of Somerset and Dorset.

The sparkling wine has been described as small bubbles, Crisp acidity, Crackling mousse texture and well defined with a good length of finish and picked up Gold and Silver awards at the South West Vineyards Association competition in 2018.


Made in exactly the same way as the classic sparkling wines, Bollhayes Bottle Fermented Cider is pale amber in colour with a profusion of bubbles, and an eloquent flavour; bone-dry apples with all the complexity of bottle aging.
An excellent, interesting and lower alcohol alternative to sparkling wines.

Bollhayes bottle fermented cider is made with the same attention to detail as the great wines. Although there will be differences in flavour with each year, it will always be recognisably Bollhayes.

It is a multiple award winning, handmade cider from the Blackdown Hills with 100% English grown apples. It is 100% natural with  no added chemicals, unfiltered, unpasteurised, and sulphite free.

Refreshingly Different Cider

Pulpt Cider

Based in Hewish, Somerset, this cider brand has exploded onto the scene, creating something unique and different in a well established environment.

Currently offering four distinct ciders plus a number of limited edition single pressings Pulpt is fast becoming a recognisable and favourite brand across the nation.

Harrys Cider

After a decade of making Cider in Somerset, Harry has created a number of delicious, full bodied, refreshing, craft ciders that stand out amongst the rest and have won a number of awards across the UK and beyond, winning Supreme Champion at the British Cider Championships and Overall Champion at the CAMRA awards.

Bittersweet varieties of apples such as Harry Masters Jersey, Dabinett, Yarlington Mills and Browns Apple are used to create our superb tasting ciders that hit the spot.

Hecks Cider

The Hecks family have been making traditional farmhouse cider in Somerset for six generations, since 1841.

They make their cider by blending juice from apples all grown locally in the farm’s orchards. The cider is fermented in wooden barrels and sold draught from the wood.

Their Kingston Black arose in Somerset in the late 19th Century and produces a cider that is classic in appearance, taste and strength. It is copper coloured, rounded, almost velvety in texture and is full of flavour.

They also make a very light and easy drinking Perry which comes highly recommended!

Yeovil Ales

We brew and rack in-house, allowing us to keep control of the high-quality beers we produce. Our very own Drayman delivers our beers direct to our trade customers throughout Somerset, Dorset, Devon, Wiltshire and Hampshire, in both cask and keg, and our sales team ethos is to combine supply of the highest quality beer with offering first-class customer service.

Brewing small batches of beer is nearly as time consuming as brewing on a larger scale and has all the same requirements, especially hygiene. Yeovil Ales aims to brew the cleanest freshest beer anywhere. We always minimise chemical cleaning and instead use very high pressure hot water and plenty of steam to sanitise our brewery and ensure no bacteria, other than our yeast, gets into the beer.

Glastonbury Ales

It takes 5 key ingredients to make great beer – malt, hops, water, yeast and imagination!

Their craft beers are small batch brewed – typically owing to the experimental nature and complexity of the brewing processes they apply.  All of their craft beers are still brewed in small batches.

Another key difference between their craft beers and real ales is the presence of yeast in the final product.  Real ales condition further in the cask or bottle – so they don’t filter all the yeast out of them.  This produces a more subtle carbonation, but requires care when pouring to avoid tipping the yeast into your pint!


They believe that simple pleasures are important, and keep things simple with their traditional methods and natural recipes. Each bottle is made by hand in the Somerset countryside, using real ingredients with NO BADDIES or BUBBLES needed!

Not only that but they use glass bottles which are lighter than a standard bottle, meaning they use less glass, thereby reducing their carbon footprint. They naturally create little waste but any plastic is recycled to go and start a new life as something else and all of their cups, lids and straws are made from plants and are 100% biodegradable.


Bit on the Side

Nestled in the beautiful hills around Wedmore Bit on the Side is the cheeky side of Rose Farm, who produce hundreds of jams, chutneys and preserves using the best local ingredients and traditional open pan techniques.

They’re unique jams and chutneys feature local people and off the wall images to create a unique brand that goes well with their bold flavours and combinations.

Manor Farm, Thornfalcon

Manor Farm is a self-sifficient enterprise just outside of Taunton. Not only do their cows and sheep provide meat, but also fleece, wool and rugs. Along with beef and lamb, we provide honey, eggs, juice (pear and apple), vegetables, herbs and edible flowers, to a few local restaurants, also seasonal vegetable boxes to local residents.

While not technically organic, they do farm ethically and have offset part of their carbon footprint by planting over 5000 trees and whips. They also generate enough electricity to offset their own use for both the farm and house and use eco-friendly ground source heating too.

Hembridge Organics

Using traditional recipes, small batch open pan methods and real ingredients from neighbouring organic farms, our jams and chutneys contain no artificial colourings, pectin, gelling agents or other nasties. In fact all of our preserves have been approved by the soil association and are vegan and vegetarian friendly.

Award winning producer of organic, vegan, gluten free. friendly preserves.

Melbury Farm

Melbury Farm produces a wide range of products including Dexter Beef, Manx Loaghtan Rare Breed Lamb, Woollen items and complimentary preserves.


West Country Buffalo

Their water buffalo are only reared on their farm just outside of Yeovil, housed during the cold/wet winters then free to range in the Somerset countryside during the rest of the year.

Water buffalo are an old breed of bovine animal, which have not been interbred or altered for thousands of years. So they have not been challenged to be fast growing or designed to produce large volumes of milk, but are slow reared and produce low volumes of milk of which can be higher in nutritional quality.

You could eat it but…

Bluebell Coppice Charcoal

Bluebell Coppice Charcoal uses traditional carcoaling methods to produce a sustainable and clean burning charcoal from their Somerset Woodland.

It has been used by professional chefs and events such as the River Cottage Food Festival and is prized for it’s steady and reliable heat, transforming your barbecuing process.

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