Bake Better Bread Course


Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.

Benjamin Franklin

My motivation to be able to bake, raise and butcher my own animals and cook food from scratch came from my certainty that the human race was doomed to tear itself apart, goverment would collapse and life would devolve into a feudal subsistence of warlords and protectorates. When they finally caught me they’d drag me in front of El Honcho who would ask for one reason not to kill me. With this in mind I’ve learnt how to fix cars, computers, electronics and anything mechanical that is liable to break. Hell, I even had a stint fixing airplanes. I’ve been a firefighter and a first responder, raced cars and jumped dirtbikes. I’ve learnt how to do plumbing, set snares, field dress and butcher an animal, grow and harvest crops, bake bread, cook meat, vegetables, soup and, high up on every warlords list, make pastries to die for. 

On this journey I’ve met people that inspired me to do more, to do better. I haven’t let on, god no, but I’ve watched them or worked alongside them, learnt this trick or resolved to investigate that one. It’s lead me to award ceremonies, music and beer festivals and crazy weekends where if I were to stop and say ‘Jensen, what the hell are you doing?’ I would probably commit myself to a mental asylum first thing Monday morning.  

At this point in life I find myself running an award winning delicatessen in the heart of Somerset. For those of you that haven’t been in recently we’ve moved that much closer to the car park and now have the kitchen area on a mezzanine upstairs, meaning more floorspace downstairs but crucially we now have the space to host training sessions so whether you want to save your skin in a post apocalyptic world, meet like-minded people or just bake better bread sign up to one of our courses. Even if the worst never happens your life will be tastier.

The courses

We’ll be adding more courses as soon as we manage to dig up more dirt and blackmail persuade our chefy and creative friends to do them. Meanwhile if the course above is linked then it’s already on the curriculum. The link will take you through to the shop where you can see the details before eagerly booking yourself on a date. We run them on a rotation, 2 or 3 courses a month so if your course is not available sign up to our newsletter and follow us on Social Media… you’ll have to be quick as they do go fast.

If you’re working on behalf of a corporation or social group and want to book us en masse please do get in touch. We can accommodate any number of people and tailor any event to your specifications, but we will need some notice to be able to do so.