Coffee – Medium Roast Whole Bean, 227g


Coffee – Medium Roast Whole Bean, 227g

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Full Disclosure: I’m Canadian so I like my coffee with a kick, which is why I’ve blended the best Robusta beans with Arabica beans to turn the caffeine into jet fuel! Now Robusta has had a bad rap due to the industrial roasters buying the cheapest stock on the commodity market but a top notch Robusta will rival a very good Arabica but it will do it with more caffeine and more ‘mouthfeel’ too.

Additionally I don’t go in for the French Roasts or Espresso Roasts, which tend to burn the bean or deplete it of it’s oils and aromas, producing bitter flavours and reducing the amount of caffeine in the roast too. Did I mention I’m Canadian? Well months upon months of blizzards, darkness and shoveling snow means that I don’t function without a kick of caffeine, so I play with light to medium roasts, aim for a full body in the mouth and a lively cup on the palate.

I really hope you like this coffee – it’s properly roasted in Somerset (by a Canadian).

Estimated net weight: 227g


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