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This course is all about chocolate. Well no, that’s not true. Its all about chocolate, with some wine tasting. Wait, there’s fruit in it too. And olives. And salted caramel, and more wine. Three more wines in fact. Anyway, we’ll teach you all about chocolate, what it pairs with, how to make it, how to fill it and how to decorate it. All while you’re drinking wine.

At the end of the course you’ll be able to take home:

  • your goodie bag with your course material and apron
  • filled chocolates
  • chocolate truffles
  • decorated chocolates
  • chocolate bars with appropriate seasonal wrappings

-Hint- This makes a great Valentines gift, whether to yourself or for that special person. Oh, who are we kidding, you’re special, buy one for yourself too!

We’ll be working on the centre table in the deli so the group will be intimate – no more than 6 of us. The course will run from 1000am and should end around 1430 with a break for nibbles. Magically within school hours, aren’t we great!? Although if you’re over enthusiastic on the wine tasting you might like to pre-order a taxi…

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