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Some people say that our sole reason for being on this crazy rock is to all allow the millions of bacteria in our gut to get about and see the world. Whether that’s true or not there are countless studies that link your physical and mental well being with the diversity and balance of your gut flora.

On this course we’ll be exploring and making:

  • sauerkraut, the proper way
  • half-sour pickles
  • our infamous giardinieara
  • kombucha, the elixir of life
  • sourdough starters and how they’re not just for bread
  • live yoghurt
  • milk kefir

In your goodie bag you’ll be taking home your course apron, course material, a kombucha scoby, some kefir grains, the jars of giardiniera, half-sour pickles and sauerkraut you made, some of our 200-year old sourdough starter and the jar of live yoghurt you started along with all the instructions you need to keep them going. Whether you bought this course for yourself or someone bought it for you, it is the gift that keeps on giving.

We’ll be working on the centre table in the deli so the group will be intimate – no more than 7 of us. The course will run from 1030 and should end around 1430 with a break for healthy nibbles.

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