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Pedro Mayo is a family business located in Navarra and dedicated since 1847 to the artisan production of Spanish chocolate. All their products are totally artisan, which means the quality of their raw materials is key, which in turn has made Pedro Mayo a prestigious brand in the North of Spain and recognised by the Navarran government.

Spain is the country that introduced chocolate into Europe in the 16th century; this means that there are skilful Spanish chocolatiers, with hundreds of years of accumulated knowledge.

Drinking chocolate or Chocolate a la taza has always been favoured over solid chocolate in Spain and this product is thick, full flavoured and creamy. Thick hot chocolate is also the ideal partner to some fried churros.For the authentic Spanish street snack experience check out our frozen 2Kg bags of churros here which make the perfect accompaniment to hot chocolate.

Pedro Mayo Hot Chocolate is the authentic hot chocolate to serve with churros. Each tablet of 200g makes 1 litre of hot chocolate. To serve 4 people, simply heat 500ml of milk in a sauce pan, once hot, add 100g of Pedro Mayo hot chocolate tablet cut into small pieces, stir well and bring the mix to the boil. Reduce the heat and allow the hot chocolate to thicken before serving. It only takes a few minutes, it is that simple!


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