Sourdough In A Day



Sourdough. The Holy Grail of baking. Only the Gods and the Gifted get it right, right?

Wrong. I’ll teach you everything I know about sourdough; how to make and tend your starter, when to feed it, what consistency to aim for, how to bake it and what else you can do with it, such as use it as a probiotic additive, make crackers, muffins, pancakes… I will take the fear out of sourdough for you.

In 2018 I entered my very first baking competition, the Craft Bakers Association Western Region Championships, pitting my sourdough against all the other sourdoughs across Wales and the SouthWest. And I came away with First Prize.

Now one essential part of my business is supplying top cafes, restaurants and shops in Somerset with my award-winning sourdough and on this course I’ll teach you how to make it. You’ll also walk away not only with the bread that you baked but also a course apron, a banneton, a choice of sourdough starters and all the course material and knowledge you’ll need to carry on this rewarding hobby at home.

We’ll be baking on the centre table in the deli so the group will be intimate – no more than 5 of us. The course will run from 10am and should end around 1530 with a break for lunch part way through.

Give yourself a treat, book it today!


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