Something Heroic About Food

…or Food Heroes, or Heroic Food. It’s a newsletter. No, more of a fanzine. A foodie fanzine. Will it be weekly? Will it be monthly? Let’s just say it’s periodical. Periodically Heroic. Yes, just the sort of thing you need in your inbox every, er, now and again.Sign up now, you won’t regret it. Heck, sign up your friends, they’ll thank you for it! Wait, no, something about GDPR, you know that thing that’s ruined the internet. 

Looking for the back catalogue?

Something Heroic About Food Volume 1 Food Heroes: Mark & Liz | How to Feed a Vegan |  5 Tips for Hassle-free CookingSomething Heroic About Food Volume 2No Pasta? No problem! | Food Heroes: MasterChef | You Are What You Eat: Clean LabelSomething Heroic About Food Volume 3Food Heroes: Michelle Beck | No More Naked Cake! IMBC Special | Tales from the Kitchen: Not Today Mr TortoisePlus! The Lockdown Strikes Back: 5 O’clock Cocktails!

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