Dorset Blue Vinny available at Withies Deli in Somerset


A traditional Blue Cheese

Where’s it from?

Sturminster, Dorset


This delightful, slightly crumbly blue cheese with a pleasantly soft taste is a real crowd pleaser. Made from semi-skimmed milk, it’s also low in fat.

Is it safe to eat Dorset Blue Vinny while pregnant?

Yes, Dorset Blue Vinny is a pasteurised cheese

Do you have Dorset Blue Vinny cheese for sale?

Yes, we normally expect to have Dorset Blue Vinny in our Somerset Deli and at our market stalls

Is Dorset Blue Vinny a “smelly cheese”?!

When it’s a young cheese Dorset Blue Vinny is creamy and mild, but as it ages the flavours develop. Although it would never be considered a “pongy cheese” like Stinking Bishop or Rebel Monk you could bring the blue flavours on if you ‘aged’ it yourself at home. We like to sell it at what we consider it’s peak however, which is a lovely balance that doesn’t overpower the senses.

Is Dorset Blue Vinny an artisan cheese?

Dorset Blue Vinny is very much an artisan cheese, made exclusively in and around Sturminster Newton by craft cheesemakers using traditional cheesemaking techniques and a 300-year old recipe.

Would Dorset Blue Vinny be good in a cheese hamper?

We recommend a balanced mix of cheeses in the best cheese hamper, such as a cheddar, a firm blue, a runny blue, a brie, a goats cheese and a ewe’s cheese, plus some crackers, chutneys and if you really want to push the boat out a bottle of Somerset wine or two.

Is Dorset Blue Vinny a vegetarian cheese?

Yes, Dorset Blue Vinny is a vegetarian cheese