Rachel Goat's Cheese


A washed-rind goat’s cheese

Where’s it from?

Pylle, Somerset


Rachel is sweet, curvy and slightly nutty with rich, tabgy and savoury flavours throughout balanced by a citric edge and a nutty finish. It has won world’s best goat’s chees twice, which is ironic as to me it’s more like a ewe’s cheese, which would get my ‘favourite’ tag all on it’s own!

Is it safe to eat Rachel goat’s cheese while pregnant?

No, Rachel is an unpasteurised cheese

Do you have Rachel for sale?

Yes, we normally expect to have Rachel in our Somerset Deli and at our market stalls

Is Rachel a “smelly cheese”?!

Rachel is not considered to be ‘smelly cheese’ like a Stinking Bishop or a Rebel Monk. It doesn’t even smell of the buck like most goat’s cheese do, rather it has the characteristics of the pasteurs the goats were raised on so is agreeable to most people, even if they profess not to like goat’s cheeses!

Is Rachel an artisan cheese?

Rachel is very much an artisan cheese, being made by the formidable White Lake Dairy in Pylle, just outside of Shepton Mallet in Somerset

Would Rachel be good in a cheese hamper?

We recommend a balanced mix of cheeses in the best cheese hamper, such as a cheddar, a firm blue, a runny blue, a brie, a goats cheese and a ewe’s cheese, plus some crackers, chutneys and if you really want to push the boat out a bottle of Somerset wine or two.

Is Rachgel a vegetarian cheese?

Yes, Rachel is a vegetarian cheese