A quarter truckle of Westcombe Farmhouse Cheddar Cheese at Withies Delicatessen, Somerset


A PDO traditional vintage cheddar

Where’s it from?

Evercreech, Somerset


Westcombe Cheddar has a deep complex flavour with a mellow lactic tang and long notes of citrus, hazelnut and caramel. The texture is structured and firm, with a smooth breakdown that keeps the flavours lingering on your palate. This cheese is often called a ‘five mile Cheddar’, as you’re still tasting it five miles down the road!

Is it safe to eat Westcombe Cheddar while pregnant?

No, Westcombe Cheddar is an unpasteurised cheese

Do you have Westcombe Cheddar for sale?

Yes, we normally expect to have Westcombe Cheddar in our Somerset Deli and at our market stalls

Is Westcombe Cheddar a “smelly cheese”?!

Cheddars are not considered to be ‘smelly cheese’ like a Stinking Bishop or a Rebel Monk.

Is Westcombe Cheddar an artisan cheese?

Westcombe Cheddar is very much an artisan cheese, having been made the same way on the same farm for over a hundred years!

Would Westcombe Cheddar be good in a cheese hamper?

We recommend a balanced mix of cheeses in the best cheese hamper, such as a cheddar, a firm blue, a runny blue, a brie, a goats cheese and a ewe’s cheese, plus some crackers, chutneys and if you really want to push the boat out a bottle of Somerset wine or two.

Is Westcombe Cheddar a vegetarian cheese?

No, Westcombe Cheddar is not a vegetarian cheese